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What’s new: Matching 3-D shapes (2)

It’s time to get all the boxes out and try to sort them into types depending on their shape. Much can be done at home to help with 3-D shape work and children love to play with empty boxes; the bigger the better. It’s well worth collecting a store of boxes and much discussion can […]

What’s new: Addition with tens and units

A 1 to 100 number square is a very useful resource to help young children with addition and subtraction and there is one included at the end of this 4 page set of worksheets on addition. All these pages concentrate on adding a single digit to a 2-digit number. Probably the easiest way to do […]

What’s new: Maths worksheets on 2D shape

The fifth set of worksheets on 2D shape reinforces the earlier pages, looking at rectangles, triangles and circles. Whilst using these pages it is important to keep naming the shapes as well as asking what makes them that shape, ie the properties of the shape. All triangles have 3 sides, all rectangles have 4 sides […]

What’s New: Matching 3D Shapes (1)

Interestingly, the Primary Framework for Mathematics believes that 3D shape should be taught at the same time, if not sooner than, 2D shape. The probable reason for this is that in real life children are coming across 3D shapes all the time and will only see 2D shape occasionally in a book, or maths sheet! […]

What’s New: Adding in the teens

Here is the very latest in our Superbrains section for children who are comfortable with addition of single digits and are ready to work with larger numbers. There are four great, colourful worksheets on completing number sentences with answers up to 20. There is a number line to 20 displayed on each page to help […]

New Activity Number Line Game – Frogs

Try this great number line game. Its great fun to play with your child, all you have to do is slide the frogs to the correct position on the number line. Play the Number Line Game – Frogs maths activity in the URBrainy Resource Browser. Get a free 3 day trial account at urbrainy and […]

What’s New: Using 2D shape (4)

This is the next in our series of 2D shape sets of maths worksheets. In this set we look at recognising circles, triangles and squares and there is a great challenge to complete: draw a train using just rectangles, circles and squares. If you have plastic shapes available this could really be of help in […]

New Activity Counting Back In Ones Rockets

Reach for the sky with this new counting back in ones game. Slide the numbers into the balloons in reverse order. Play the Counting Back In Ones Rockets maths activity in the URBrainy Resource Browser. Get a free 3 day trial account at urbrainy and see all our resources.

What’s New: Measurement, longer and shorter

Whether it is snakes, ladders or trousers, there are plenty of opportunities on these worksheets to use the language of measurement, in this case, longer and shorter. Being able to correctly compare different lengths is vital before actual measurement using standard units is introduced later. Use these pages as a starting point for comparing lengths […]

Extra resources: Blank clock faces

As suggested by several of our members, including Anne and Bev, here are two pages of blank clock faces. These are ideal for helping with telling the time. Remember, with young children, start by just showing the time to the whole hour and then move on to showing half hours. Ask your child what time […]