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Year 3 learning to tell the time

Year 3 learning to tell the time Learning to tell the time forms a major part of the Year 3 Programme of Study. By the end of the year children should have been taught to tell and read the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals. They should know the number of seconds […]

Learning to tell the time

Learning to tell the time One of the most important things children learn is to tell the time. The new programme of study expects more of children at a younger age than before and it is worth taking a peep at what children are expected to do in each year up to Year 4. In […]

Year 3 money worksheets

Year 3 money worksheets Our year 3 money category is very comprehensive, but we have just added a further two sets of worksheets to stretch the more able. The first set looks at adding a number of coins to make a total above £1. Coins provide the ideal opportunity to count on in twos, fives, […]

Year 3 addition and subtraction – missing digits

Year 3 addition and subtraction – missing digits Children in Year 3 are now expected to add and subtract using the formal written method. An interesting way of looking at this is to show various calculations using the written method but have some of the digits missing. To be able to find the missing digits […]

Year 3 time problems

Year 3 time problems We have also just published a great new set of pages on time problems for Year 3. The first two pages look at simple one step problems such as: Assembly starts at 9:10 am. It lasts half an hour. What time does it finish? The next two pages look at flight […]

Money worksheets in Year 3

Money worksheets in Year 3: combinations of coins One of the key areas for children in Year 3 is to become fluent in recognising the value of coins, adding and subtracting amounts and giving change. Using money confidently is one of the key life skills all children should have. We have an excellent collection of […]

Year 3 Four Rules worksheets

Year 3 Four Rules worksheets Our Year 2 Four Rules pages have proved to be very popular and the good news is that we have now published our first sets for Year 3. Containing a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions in a variety of formats, I am sure they will prove to […]

Formal written addition and subtraction in Year 3

Formal written addition and subtraction in Year 3 By the end of Year 3 children are now expected to, ‘add and subtract numbers with up to three digits using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction’. Put simply, this means adding and subtracting in columns, very much as we were all taught to do […]

Year 3 Mental Division

Year 3 mental division using 3, 4 and 8 tables We have just published two more sets of worksheets for Year 3 division. Children in Year 3 are expected to know the 3x, 4x and 8x tables and one of the main uses for this knowledge is to work out division problems. Both these sets […]

Year 3 Measurement

Year 3 Measurement Working with the metric system really takes off in Year 3 (7/8 years old). During this year children are expected to know that: 1 kilometre = 1 000 metres 1 metre = 100 centimetres 1 kilogram = 1 000 grams 1 litre = 1 000 millilitres They are also expected to recognise […]