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Year 4 Weekly Programme

Year  4 Weekly Programme The summer term has arrived and there is certainly plenty to think about with SAT tests, sports days etc. all to fit in. The good news is that our weekly programme for Year 4 is progressing well, with the latest six weeks having just been released. Week 25 takes a look […]

Year 4 division updates

Year 4 division updates Of the four rules, division certainly seems to be the hardest to master for most children and they need plenty of practice. Year 4 is a key time for learning about division, with the emphasis on mental division, developing written methods and solving word problems. We have just updated our Year […]

Year 4 weekly programme

Year 4 weekly programme Good news! The next set of 6 weekly programmes are now available for Year 4. There’s plenty to look forward to this half term with a really mixed selection of activities. Week 19 takes a look at counting in steps of 25, using negative numbers, solving word problems by multiplying by […]

Year 4 Weekly Programme Spring Term

Year 4 Weekly Programme Spring Term We are continuing with our weekly programme for Year 4 with the next half term’s resources having just been published. Six weeks of mixed activities, covering a wide range of maths, although calculating is the main priority. Week 13 looks at counting on and back in steps of 6, […]

Year 4 Intelligent practice

Year 4 Intelligent practice Intelligent practice is a feature of mathematics which is growing in popularity. A key aspect of this is to provide activities and questions so that, rather than just reproducing one mechanical process children are encouraged to think about the relationships between numbers. With each of these sets of six questions knowing […]

Year 4 four rules

Year 4 four rules mental maths A brand new category in Year 4, looking at a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, all on the same page. Two of the sets are for mental arithmetic and two of the sets are for formal written methods of calculating. The latter are displayed in the correct […]

Year 4 Geometry

Year 4 Geometry. The new geometry curriculum will certainly challenge children in Year 4. An important part of this is classifying 2-D and 3-D shapes and children will need to be aware that groups of shapes are often subsets of other shapes. For example, squares are part of the group of rectangles, rectangles are part […]

Year 4 fractions and decimals

Year 4 fractions and decimals updated Year 4 is where the link between fractions and decimals is really developed and it is very important that children understand this link. We have just updated our fraction worksheets with different fonts and layout, to make them clearer for children to use, as well as adding two great […]

Formal written method of multiplication in year 4

Formal written method of multiplication in year 4 Children in year 4 are now expected to be confident in the formal written method of multiplication, when multiplying by a single digit. We usually set out the calculations when using formal written methods but our most recent two sets rely on the child accurately setting them […]

Year 4 Addition decimals

Year 4 Addition decimals updates By the end of Year 4 children are now expected to be confident with the use of formal written methods of addition. This, of course, follows on from having good mental skills with adding one and two-digit numbers. We have an excellent collection of addition worksheets and have just updated […]