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Year 6 scale drawing

Year 6 scale drawing Drawing 2-D shapes accurately is an important part of the Year 6 programme of study. We have just published two sets of worksheets on drawing 2-D shapes given the dimensions and angles. All the shapes are shown with information about the length of sides and angle but they are not to […]

Year 6 co-ordinates

Year 6 co-ordinates Using co-ordinates with games such as Battleships can be really fun, but the co-ordinate questions that come up on a regular basis in the Year 6 SAT papers tend to be quite tricky. By Year 6, children should be able to plot and interpret points in all four quadrants, using negative numbers […]

Finding the mean

Finding the mean How mean can statistics questions get? As it happens not very mean at all, as they are usually quite straightforward. We tend to use the word average in everyday speech and finding the mean is very much the same as finding the average. It is quite easy to do: just add up […]

KS2 SAT Reasoning: Angle

KS2 SAT Reasoning: Angle There are two key targets in Year 6 concerning angle. They are: •    6G4a Find unknown angles in any triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons •    6G4b Recognise angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and find missing angles This has been reflected […]

Times Tables

Times Tables Why learning times tables is important. Knowing times tables is very important for children for many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that it saves time when calculating. If a child has to count up in fives and count on fingers to know how many lots have been counted (i.e. 5, 10, 15, […]

Measuring Volume in Year 6

Year 6 Measuring Volume Because space is three dimensional (it has length, width and height) we use cubic units to measure volume. In the metric system the main units of volume are: •    cubic millimetres •    cubic centimetres •    cubic metres •    a litre is also a metric measure of volume, which is the space […]

KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals

KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals Our aim to have full coverage of every aspect of the Maths KS2 SAT Papers edges ever nearer with a new collection of worksheets on fractions and decimals. A great emphasis was put on fractions in the new Programme of Study in 2014 and this has been reflected […]

Year 6 Percentages

Year 6 Percentages When introducing percentages children are usually asked to work out the percentage mentally e.g. 50% of 200 is 100 or 10% of 50 is 5. This uses the knowledge that 50% is the same as half and 10% is the same as one tenth. However, when presented with a question such as: […]

KS2 SAT Calculations on the Reasoning Paper

KS2 SAT Calculations on the Reasoning Paper It is not too long now before the Year 6 tests and we have just published four new sets of questions to help with some of the harder style questions on the KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper. The first looks at multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and […]

KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper

KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper Whilst there is now a whole paper devoted to arithmetic in the KS2 tests, there are still plenty of calculation questions in the Reasoning Papers. Today we have published a range of worksheets which give plenty of practice at some of the easier style questions on this Reasoning […]