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KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper

KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper Whilst there is now a whole paper devoted to arithmetic in the KS2 tests, there are still plenty of calculation questions in the Reasoning Papers. Today we have published a range of worksheets which give plenty of practice at some of the easier style questions on this Reasoning […]

KS2 Arithmetic Paper practice

KS2 Arithmetic Paper: multiplying and dividing fractions We are not far away from having sets of worksheets covering every question from the new KS2 Arithmetic Paper! Today we have published four more sets of pages on: Multiplying proper fractions by whole numbers Multiplying 2-digit numbers by mixed numbers Multiplying simple fractions Dividing simple fractions by […]

Year 6 maths SAT: numbers with commas

Year 6 maths SAT: numbers with commas The simple comma shows just how muddled government thinking has been in relation to mathematics in primary school and will undoubtedly cause problems for our children. The first round of the new KS2 SATs used a comma to separate the thousands from the hundreds, tens and units: e.g. […]

Decimals in KS2 Arithmetic Paper Six sets of worksheets on addition and subtraction of decimals have just been added to the KS2 Arithmetic Paper category. As far as possible we have tried to emulate the layout of the SAT paper, but we have put more questions on a page! Each page has questions directly related […]

KS2 Arithmetic Paper

KS2 Arithmetic Paper – plenty more new resources! Our most recently published set of resources adds a considerable number of new pages to our Key Stage 2 SAT Paper Arithmetic resources. The 2016 tests and the new sample tests which were produced last year have been very carefully analysed and sets of questions written to […]

Year 6 Arithmetic Paper: easy questions for easy marks

Year  6 Arithmetic Paper: easy questions for easy marks It is very important for children taking the new Key Stage 2 Maths Arithmetic Paper that they get the early questions correct. After all, a mark for the easiest question counts for exactly the same as a mark for the hardest question. There are several questions […]

Key Stage 2 Maths SAT Papers

Key Stage 2 Maths SAT Papers The beginning of a brand new school term and what better time for all those children who have just entered Year 6 to look forward to the Key Stage 2 Maths Papers that they will be taking next May. Schools will be working throughout the year to prepare their […]

Angles on a straight line

Recognising angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and finding missing angles, are all part of the new Year 6 Programme of Study and will no doubt feature heavily in future year 6 SAT papers. We have just published our first set of worksheets on calculating […]

Year 6 Subtraction Updates

Year 6 Subtraction Updates We have just updated our Year 6 Subtraction worksheets, using a better font and a better layout. The Programme of Study concentrates on mental calculations and solving problems but there is no doubt that most children will continue to need to practise written methods, especially in the run up to the […]

Very large numbers in Year 6

Very large numbers in Year 6 Reading and writing large numbers is not easy! One of the real challenges for children in primary school is to be able to read and understand very large numbers. Even adults find this hard. Numbers such as 4567 can be read easily as the four can be recognised immediately […]