KS2 SAT Booster: Measurement

KS2 SAT Booster: Measurement

We continue to study past SAT Papers in detail and this week take a close look at measurement questions that have come up recently.

There is often a relatively easy question, such as how many days are there in 3 consecutive months, but of course, this is only easy if the facts have been learned: it is worth spending a little time revising this.

Another popular question involves comparing measurements such as mass. The most recent was ordering masses that are all using the same unit, such as:
5.06 kg 6.56 kg 5.56 kg and 6.05 kg

Perhaps harder was a conversion from miles to kilometres which came up last year. However, vital information is given as to how to do it, using 8 kilometres equals 5 miles, making this more of a calculation question than a measurement.

We have plenty of examples of these questions plus many more, ideal for those wishing to boost KS2 SAT results. Remember, leaving this until the last minute before the tests is not the best way to ensure success; a little time now could be very worthwhile.

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