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Year 2 Money

Year 2 MoneyMoney makes much more sense when coins, real or plastic/card are used and our four new sets of worksheets are ideal for getting the coins out. A typical question is,‘Tommy has five 10p coins. He changes each 10p coin for two 5p coins. How many coins does he have?’10p coins can be placed […]

Year 5 Subtraction One Minute Challenges

Year 5 Subtraction One Minute ChallengesSubtracting mentally becomes a whole lot harder in Year 5 as children are expected to deal with larger numbers including multiples of 1,000 and even 10,000. Holding these larger numbers ‘in your head’ can prove very tricky but we have just published 9 activities which provide unlimited practice – well […]

Year 6 Partitioning Decimals

Year 6 Partitioning DecimalsIn Year 6 children will meet numbers which include 3 decimal places and it is important that they are able to identify the value of each digit. Our latest set of pages looks at how a number such as 0.468 can be written in words, as a fraction and as a decimal. […]

American-British Spelling

American-British SpellingThere are many interesting differences between British and American spellings, some of which go back over 300 years. British spelling was standardised by the dictionary written by Samuel Johnson in 1755, taking into account the many European, especially French, origins of words. Noah Webster produced an American dictionary in the early 1800s, after the […]

Year 6 Fraction Activities

Year 6 Fraction ActivitiesWe continue with the new on-screen activities with four fraction games including converting decimals to fractions, adding fractions and multiplying fractions. Each activity concentrates on just one concept, ideal for reinforcing what has been learned during maths lessons.Go to Maths Games Year 6 Fractions

Year 5 Addition On-screen Activities

Year 5 Addition On-screen ActivitiesYear 5 was my favourite age group to teach maths, with plenty of new challenges and topics, without the extra pressure of SATs at the end of the year. Great strides are made with addition and this is reflected in our latest on-screen activities, from adding decimals up to 2 decimal […]

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery RhymesNursery rhymes are an important part of learning for young children, encouraging the rhyme, rhythm and patterns that are so important in learning all languages. Simple repetitive phrases help with listening skills and the development of memory.We start our Nursery Rhyme section with four rhymes which particularly use rhyme and rhythm:Humpty DumptyLittle Bo PeepHickory […]

On-screen Activities for Year 4

On-screen Activities for Year 4 New this week is a whole series of on-screen activities for subtraction in Year 4. They mostly concentrate on one minute challenges; timed mental exercises to achieve as many correct answers in one minute as possible. The topics include:• subtract multiples of 100 with no exchange• subtract multiples of 100 […]

Year 3 Addition

Year 3 AdditionWhen adding mentally numbers with a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 digits it is a great help to have a good understanding of place value. Our latest set of worksheets looks at this in detail and will easily identify those who have a sound understanding.We have also just published our first on-screen […]

Sharing Equally in Year 2

It is important that children become confident with the idea that division can be seen as sharing equally. At first this can be done with real objects (cubes, coins etc) using one-to-one correspondence. Later they can move on to pictorial representations, which is where our latest on-screen activity comes in. Very simple, just working out […]