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Years 5 and 6 Timed Subtraction Games

When working with large numbers it is not possible to answer lots of questions within one minute, but it is surprising just how many correct answers can be achieved with top-notch mental arithmetic skills. Four new games for Year 5 have just been published:• Subtract from 1,000• Subtract from 10,000• Subtract a multiple of 10,000• […]

Year 4 Division on-screen activities

Great news: we have just added 15 more on-screen activities to challenge children on mental division. They concentrate on mental division by 11 and 12, including bar models to help visualise the problems, as well as finding numbers that are divisible by 11 and 12.These can be quite tricky, especially if children have not yet […]

Year 3 Money: on-screen activities

Year 3 Money: on-screen activities We start our Year 3 Money activities with converting pence to pounds and vice versa. There are 8 questions in each set giving children unlimited practice to ensure they have really grasped the conversions. We then move on to comparing amounts written in pounds to amounts written in pence, using […]