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Roman Gods

We have taken a slightly different approach to our latest topic, Roman Gods and Goddesses, providing a brief introduction to some of the better known figures and follow up work requiring further thinking or research. This week we look at four:Saturn was the king of the Roman gods and the god of time, wealth and […]

English Comprehensions: American History

English Comprehensions: American HistoryThe pioneers were emigrants who travelled across the Great Plains of America to settle in the American West. Many of them were farmers and they moved to areas such as Oregon because land was cheap, or in some cases free, and it was believed to be very rich and fertile, ideal for […]

Mary Rose worksheets

Mary Rose worksheets This October we can celebrate 35 years since the raising of the Mary Rose. King Henry VIII’s favourite warship was built in Portsmouth in 1510 but sank in 1545. In 1982 the fragile remains of the ship were lifted out of the sea and a restoration programme has continued ever since. Find […]

Palaeolithic Britain worksheets

Palaeolithic Britain worksheets Our latest comprehension worksheets focus on the Stone Age. We go back nearly 1 million years to 800 000 to 10 000 years BC and look at Palaeolithic Britain and the people living here. At that time Britain was still connected to mainland Europe and it is thought that humans came here […]

Wellingtons, Mackintoshes and Sandwiches

Wellingtons, Mackintoshes and Sandwiches We have had fun writing our latest set of comprehension worksheets which look at everyday items with a historical background. Did you know that Wellington boots, Mackintosh coats and sandwiches are all named after their inventors? Wellington boots were invented by 1st Duke of Wellington (who famously claimed victory over Napoleon […]

Famous Nurses and The Crimea

Famous Nurses and The Crimea Our latest set of comprehension worksheets look at the lives and work of two very famous women, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Both helped to save many lives during the Crimean War, but with very different approaches. We have written the worksheets at three different ability levels to make it […]

Aviators and aviatrixes Sunday 16th April 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Wilbur Wright. He and his brother Orville are famous for inventing and building the first powered flying machines that were fully controlled by pilots. 2017 is also the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of the record breaking pilot Amelia Earhart. […]

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat What is a runcible spoon? Well, it appears in the wonderful nonsense poem written in 1871 by Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat. Voted the nation’s most beloved children’s poem in 2014 (The Guardian), it highlights how traditional stories and rhymes are still being passed down from one generation […]

World War I: tunnels, Zeppelins and more

World War I: tunnels, Zeppelins and more We are continuing with our series of First World War comprehension worksheets by looking at three more unusual subjects: The Munitionettes, Tunnel Warfare and Zeppelins. The pages, which also include factsheets, provide clear and concise summaries as well as being an excellent starting point for further research. The […]

The Great Plague of 1665 worksheets

The Great Plague of 1665 worksheets There have been many outbreaks of plague across the World but the Great Plague of 1665 was the last major outbreak in England. It is said to have come to London from Dutch trading ships and it spread at an alarming rate through the city. Meanwhile the people of […]