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November 5th: firework maths worksheets

Hi! November 5th is coming up soon and as we love firework displays we thought it would be a great idea to remind you of our Bonfire night worksheets, all of which have a mathematical slant. We’re lucky this year as we have had some fantastic firework displays for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. […]

Resource of the Week: Counting on in tens

Here are four great maths worksheets for those children who are confident with counting in ones and are ready to move on to counting up in tens from a teen number and then any 2-digit number. Whilst the four pages concentrate on the same skill, they are all very different. Don’t be surprised if your […]

Resource of the Week: Bigger, biggest.

Learning the correct terms to compare things is vital in the Early Years and one of the most important aspects of measurement. Here we have four more great maths worksheets on maths vocabulary for young children, looking at bigger and biggest. You can find these in our Shapes and Measures section. Pick out the biggest […]

Resource of the Week: Writing numbers

We all know adults who write numbers in weird and wonderful ways, which often makes the numbers difficult to read. It’s vital that your child learns the correct way to form his or her numbers, where to start, and in which direction to move the pencil. There are only ten digits to learn to be […]

Resource of the Week: Using 2D shape

Today we are taking a closer look at our shape worksheets. This is a great set of four worksheets helping with recognising rectangles, triangles and circles. It’s a help to have some templates of these shapes handy to draw round and create fun pictures of your own. The robot on page 4 is a good […]

Resource of the Week: Sharing by 2

This was the very first in our division worksheets, found in the Year 2 section. These four pages look at division as sharing equally. It’s a great idea to do lots of this practically, sharing out sweets, cards, buttons etc and is best done on a ‘one for you, one for me’ basis to begin […]

Resource of the Week: Adding 3 three numbers

Once children are really happy with adding two 1-digit numbers then they can move on to adding three small numbers mentally. There are various strategies that they can use to help them. Probably the best strategy of all is to start with the largest number, and this should be the case for the majority of […]

Resource of the Week: Counting on 3, 4, 5 or 6

We usually think of counting on as being counting in ones, but the Primary Framework expects children to be able to count on in larger steps. These four worksheets concentrate on counting on 3, 4, 5 or 6 from a single digit. Your children will probably be confident enough to give some of the answers […]

Resource of the Week: Recognising 2-D shape

Don’t forget that we have some great pages which will help with recognising 2-D shapes. Your child should be able to recognise four basic shapes: circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. These maths worksheets have plenty of interesting pictures just made up of these shapes. Good extension work would be to have a selection of plastic […]

Resource of the Week: Comparing size

This is taken from our range of colourful resources for our members which looks at all aspects of shape and measurement for young children.  At this age, measurement is about comparisons between things and standard units of measurement such as centimetres are not introduced until much later. So we begin with simple comparisons of size, […]