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New! Year 1 Sharing in Years 1 and 2

New! Year 1 Sharing in Years 1 and 2 Bright, fun illustrations are just what’s needed to help children understand the process of sharing equally. Whether it’s apples, monsters, ducks or strawberries there should be something to interest everyone. The key to this work is to remember that sharing equally does not just mean sharing […]

Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities

New! Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities Brilliant new sets of resources for Year 2 covering measuring length in centimetres, comparing weight and reading capacity are now available. These concepts are extended in Year 3 as we have also published new activities on converting lengths and comparing the mass or capacity activities.In our […]

Year 2 Fractions On-screen Activities

Year 2 Fractions On-screen Activities This week we have published a brand new Year 2 category; on-screen activities on the topic of fractions. Covering finding halves, quarters and thirds of amounts they provide unlimited practice on the screen as well as the option to print out marked results. Simple, but very effective for those who […]

Year 2 On-screen Shape Activities

Three important targets for Year 2 are covered in our new on-screen activities for Year 2. They are: • Identifying the number of faces on 3D shapes• Identifying 2D shapes• Continuing patterns. These are all quick and easy to play and provide excellent practice and consolidation of skills learned in practical ways. Go to Games: […]

New! Reasoning in Year 2

Reasoning in Year 2Encourage your children to apply their maths skills by heading off to our Reasoning and Problem Solving category. With topics including money, number challenges, investigations and word problems they are a great source of interesting and challenging activities. New this week are three sets aimed at helping children order numbers.Go to Year […]

Year 2 Money

Year 2 MoneyMoney makes much more sense when coins, real or plastic/card are used and our four new sets of worksheets are ideal for getting the coins out. A typical question is,‘Tommy has five 10p coins. He changes each 10p coin for two 5p coins. How many coins does he have?’10p coins can be placed […]

Sharing Equally in Year 2

It is important that children become confident with the idea that division can be seen as sharing equally. At first this can be done with real objects (cubes, coins etc) using one-to-one correspondence. Later they can move on to pictorial representations, which is where our latest on-screen activity comes in. Very simple, just working out […]

Year 2 Making 10 Revision

New this week is a quick revision set on making 10 at the chocolate factory. How many ways can two or three types of chocolate be placed in a chocolate box? This is a great way to check on what has been learned in Year 1 and how confident children are with pairs of numbers […]

Money in Years 2 and 3

In Year 2 children will continue to become more familiar with the equivalent value of coins; for example, five 2p coins are equivalent to one 10p coin. We have just published four great new sets which look at this in detail, using all the coins from 50p to 1p. For those children who are less […]

Year 2 Subtraction, Bar Modelling and Number Lines

An exciting development in teaching maths in the UK is bar modelling. Bar models are pictorial representations of number problems and act as a half-way house between using concrete representations (e.g. solid cubes) and working in the abstract. Bar models can be applied to subtraction and are an excellent way to help children in Year […]