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Year 4: Counting in Multiples of 6

Year 4: Counting in Multiples of 6 We have just published some tricky worksheets on counting in multiples of 6 using numbers in the thousands. Children will need to use their knowledge of the 6 times table to fill in the boxes, increasing the number by 6 each time. There are several sets of these […]

Year 5: Sum of angles of a triangle

Year 5: Sum of angles of a triangle Many years ago, when I was at Grammar School (Year 7/8) I learnt that the angles of a triangle added up to 180 degrees. Expectations have changed since those days and now Year 5 children measure and draw given angles and calculate missing angles in triangles. To […]

Ratio in Year 6

Ratio in Year 6 Written problems involving ratio are a popular topic for the KS2 SATs so it is important that children get plenty of opportunities to become familiar with the type of question set. Key points to remember are that ratio compares part to part and like fractions they can be reduced to their […]

Counting on and back for young children

Counting on and back for young children Our counting on and back worksheets are just the job to ensure that children get plenty of practice with small numbers. We have recently published four new sets ambien online reviews featuring penguins, ships, trains and milk bottles. If you have young children who are beginning to learn […]

Valentine’s Day worksheets

Valentine’s Day worksheets I always look forward to writing about Valentine’s Day as it means that spring is on the way and we can enjoy some brilliant crisp sunny days in the next few weeks. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February and we have a fun selection of maths worksheets with a Valentine’s […]

Estimating addition in Year 4

Estimating addition in Year 4 When carrying out any written calculation it is well worth carrying out a quick mental estimation first and then using this estimation to check that the answer, once worked out, is sensible. It is surprising how often a silly answer goes unchecked because an estimation has not been carried out. […]

Year 4 weekly programme – autumn 2

Year 4 weekly programme – autumn 2 We are pleased to announce that the next 6 sets of worksheets for our Year 4 Weekly Programme have just been published. Ideal for those of you with little time to spare, they provide a good selection of worksheets following the National Curriculum and are ideal as a […]

Order of adjectives worksheets

Order of adjectives worksheets Much of the grammar we use on a daily basis is second nature to us; we do it correctly without even thinking about it. One such example is the order we use adjectives when putting two or more together to describe something. ‘A white large hat’ sounds odd and indeed is […]

Arrays in Year 1

Arrays in Year 1 The new primary maths curriculum does not have a great deal to say about multiplication in Year 1, apart from that pupils should understand multiplication by grouping small quantities, and calculating using arrays with the support of the teacher. This used to be part of the Year 2 curriculum but has […]

KS2 Maths SATs revision

KS2 Maths SATs revision Key Stage 2 Maths SAT papers are always a popular resource at this time of year. With just a few weeks left until the tests, going through some past papers is a great way to find areas of strength and weakness. It is very good practice for children to have a […]