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On-screen Shape Activities for Year 1

By the end of Year 1 children will be expected to identify simple 2D and 3D shapes. The main 2D shapes are rectangles (including squares), circles and triangles and we have just published an on-screen activity to help with identifying all these shapes. For 3D shapes children are asked to recognise cubes, pyramids, cones and […]

Year 1 Number: More or Less

At the beginning of Year 1 children will practice placing numbers on a number track and then the language of one more and one less will be introduced. They need to know that one more is the number after the starting number and one less is the number before and should use their counting skills […]

Year 1 Money

Working with money in Year 1 is a great way to consolidate number skills, especially counting on and back and finding small totals. Our latest sets of pages involve plenty of practical activity. For example, on the first page children are asked to colour in the number of pennies that match a 5p coin. One […]

Year 1: bar models to help with addition and subtraction

Bar modelling is a powerful visual method of helping children with their calculating. The term is used extensively in Singapore where children make excellent progress with Maths and is now being used more and more in this country. It is a pictorial approach to calculating, using visual models and is a half way step between […]

Year 1 Number On-screen Practice

As children move on to the summer term it is important that they have the opportunity to re-inforce their new knowledge of working with larger numbers as often as possible. Five minutes of fun maths, squeezed in during the day, will ensure that skills learned recently are not forgotten and our harder on-screen number activities […]

Making Progress in Year 1 with Measurement

If there is one area of the maths curriculum where plenty of practical opportunities are available, especially at home, it is in Measurement. Children are expected to make a huge amount of progress with Measurement during Year 1. They begin by making simple comparisons, side by side with no counting, for example comparing the lengths […]

Maths Mastery support resources

Fantastic news for all those using a Maths Mastery approach: we are continuing to add to our selection of resources, including on-screen activities. We now have a whole selection of on-screen activities for the Year 1 Spring Term Block on adding and subtracting up to 20. Don’t forget we also have some great support materials […]

Year 1 Mixed Addition and Subtraction

Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction is an important part of maths work in Year 1. This includes writing the subtraction fact that corresponds to a given addition fact (eg 9 + 3 = 12 implies that 12 – 9 = 3 etc). This understanding is incredibly useful when answering both addition and subtraction […]

Year 1 Addition

For many schools this is the time of year to really get stuck into addition and subtraction, especially so in Year 1 when there is a great deal to cover. At first addition can be seen as counting on, using real objects, such as having six counters and adding a further three. This might seem […]

Year 1 Number

New this week is a set of pages on part-whole models to help children understand numbers up to 20. This is just one set of a terrific collection of resources for Number in Year 1, covering in great detail the following:• Counting objects up to 10 and matching to numbers• Counting on and back in […]