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New! Year 3 Adding Fractions

New! Year 3 Adding FractionsYear 3 might seem early to start adding and subtracting fractions, but the Year 3 Programme of Study states:• Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole.At this stage it is important that children understand what is happening when two fractions are added; look out for the common […]

Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities

New! Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities Brilliant new sets of resources for Year 2 covering measuring length in centimetres, comparing weight and reading capacity are now available. These concepts are extended in Year 3 as we have also published new activities on converting lengths and comparing the mass or capacity activities.In our […]

Year 3 Money in Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 3 Money in Reasoning and Problem Solving Whilst we have over 30 sets of worksheets on money for Year 3 did you know that we also have a great range of pages on money in our Reasoning and Problem Solving category. Our latest resource asks children to select three items to put in a […]

Find Fractions On-screen Activities

We have just published 5 new sets of fractions activities including asking children to find a half or a quarter of small numbers, as well as finding tenths of shapes. It is always good to remind children that they can find a quarter of a number by finding half and then half again. Converting decimals […]

Year 3 On-screen Measurement Activities

New! Year 3 On-screen Measurement ActivitiesCalculating the perimeter of quadrilaterals, converting lengths and calculating lengths using metres and centimetres are our latest on-screen activities for Year 3. Ideal for unlimited practice and for ‘same day intervention’, as each activity only involves 10 questions and has a printable page to show the answers; excellent for assessment.Go […]

Year 3 Addition

Year 3 AdditionWhen adding mentally numbers with a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 digits it is a great help to have a good understanding of place value. Our latest set of worksheets looks at this in detail and will easily identify those who have a sound understanding.We have also just published our first on-screen […]

Year 3 Place Value and Addition

In Year 3 children will begin to understand how 3-digit numbers are made up; for example, they will express 345 as 3 hundreds, 4 tens and 5 ones. This partitioning of numbers is vital when it comes to mentally adding up two 3-digit numbers. Our latest set of worksheets really helps with this, with questions […]

Money in Years 2 and 3

In Year 2 children will continue to become more familiar with the equivalent value of coins; for example, five 2p coins are equivalent to one 10p coin. We have just published four great new sets which look at this in detail, using all the coins from 50p to 1p. For those children who are less […]

Year 3 Expanded Addition

Expanded addition is a method used to add numbers using the expanded form of the number. So, the question is, what is the expanded form of a number? The expanded form of a number is created when the number is written to show the place value of each digit. 76 in the expanded form is […]

Buying Stickers – Money in Years 3 and 4

A great selection of new money worksheets is also available for both Year 3 and Year 4, again using the theme of stickers. It is in Year 4 that children are expected to write pounds and pence using the correct decimal notation. For example, three pounds and five pence is written as £3.05. It must […]