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Year 4 Statistics and Interpreting Data

Year 4 Statistics and Interpreting DataWe have just published three new sets of pages on statistics which all look at interpreting data displayed in different ways. The first looks at tally charts which are really useful when collecting data. The second considers bar charts with some lovely flower illustrations to help. The third also has […]

New! Year 4 Activities

New! Year 4 ActivitiesMore new activities can be found in our Year 4 on-screen games section including both measurement and graphs. They include:• Identifying types of angle• Identifying types of triangle• Finding the number of seconds in minutes• Reading graphs with negative numbers.The Reading Graphs activity is especially useful for negative numbers as it asks […]

Year 4 One Minute Challenges

Year 4 One Minute Challenges In Year 4 children are expected to work with numbers up to 4 digits including finding 1,000 more or less than a 4-digit number. There is never enough of this kind of work in most textbooks but we do have a terrific selection on the site, including four new on-screen […]

Year 4 Fractions and Decimal Activities

Fractions and decimals get trickier in Year 4 and our latest on-screen activities provide an ideal opportunity to practise the following skills:• Converting fractions (tenths) to decimals• Converting decimals to fractions• Comparing decimals• Finding equivalent fractions• Comparing fractions• Adding fractions• Subtracting fractions. For those children who are hesitant about working with fractions these provide unlimited […]

On-screen Rounding for Years 4 and 5

New! On-screen Rounding for Years 4 and 5It’s time for some more ‘One Minute Challenges’ for both Years 4 and 5. In Year 4 we look at rounding 3-digit and 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. In Year 5 the numbers get bigger as we round to the nearest 10,000 or 100,000. There […]

On-screen Activities for Year 4

On-screen Activities for Year 4 New this week is a whole series of on-screen activities for subtraction in Year 4. They mostly concentrate on one minute challenges; timed mental exercises to achieve as many correct answers in one minute as possible. The topics include:• subtract multiples of 100 with no exchange• subtract multiples of 100 […]

Buying Stickers – Money in Years 3 and 4

A great selection of new money worksheets is also available for both Year 3 and Year 4, again using the theme of stickers. It is in Year 4 that children are expected to write pounds and pence using the correct decimal notation. For example, three pounds and five pence is written as £3.05. It must […]

Year 4 Factors and Multiplication

Year 4 Factors and MultiplicationBefore children have learnt some of the harder multiplication tables, such as the 6x and 7x, a tables square can be a great help, not just in finding answers but also to see the relationship between multiplication and division. We have just published two new sets of worksheets using tables squares […]

Year 4 Tenths

In Year 4 children will work with tenths and hundredths, understanding that finding one tenth is equivalent to dividing by 10 (e.g. one tenth of 2,000 is equivalent to 2,000 divided by 10). They should also be shown the connection between hundredths and tenths and that hundredths arise by dividing tenths by ten (e.g 0.5 […]

Free Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

The MTC has been postponed for a further year, but why not have a go at our great check, completely free, which follows the same rules and gives valuable information and guidance on how to improve, as well as being much easier to use.Covid-19 has certainly played havoc with the Government’s maths testing programme and […]