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Give your children a positive early introduction to the world of Maths and English. With URBrainy you can help your children today with our great resources, ensuring success and a lifelong enjoyment.

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12 Times Table - Bar Modelling Worksheet

I have found this a brilliant resource and would certainly recommend you to other teachers!

This is the best maths website I have ever seen.

I have found this site and the worksheets fantastically helpful and would highly recommend you to anybody.


  • Over 12 000 Worksheets

    Covering both Maths and English from Reception right up to Year 6.

  • Clearly Organised

    In year groups / categories to meet the latest National Curriculum targets.

  • Beautiful, Colourful & Fun

    Beautifully designed worksheets to really engage with children.

  • Constant Reassessment

    Ensures our resources are of the highest standard to meet today’s curriculum changes.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular, fortnightly updates of new material for both Maths and English

  • Trusted Writers

    We have a wealth of experience both in primary teaching and special needs as well as successfully creating resources online for over 17 years.

What Is URBrainy?

Tommy the Turtle

Every teacher deserves to have access to a wide choice of high quality resources to help inspire and enthuse their children.

That's where URBrainy comes in. We provide you with a great selection of up to date and relevant worksheets covering Maths and English.

More Features

  • Teacher Accounts

    Each teacher has a sub-account allowing them to store their own bookmarks and view history.

  • Teaching For Mastery

    An increasing range of Maths materials for those using the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach.

  • Virtual Classroom New

    Share resources in a virtual classroom with parents/students for homework, or for those isolating.

  • So Easy You'll Love It

    Quickly access the materials you need, both at home and at school.

  • KS2 Maths SAT Booster

    A fantastic range of Maths SAT Booster pages based on the very latest test papers.

  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

    We even have help for those tricky grammar tasks such as determiners.


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Maths & English Worksheets

Over 12 000 Maths worksheets and thousands of high quality English worksheets all at your fingertips.

Algebra and Shapes Worksheet
Common Nouns Starting Off Worksheet

Great Maths On-screen Activities

We have a fantastic collection of interactive maths on-screen activities for unlimited practice of Mental Maths.

Adding Groups of 10
Counting Two Types of Objects to 10

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