Coming Soon: Our Great Farmyard Multiplication Game!


It may have been quiet on the site recently, but that is because we have all been far too busy playing our latest Multiplication game, seeing who can get the best scores for each animal! (Well, we have also been testing to make sure it all works properly!)

Set in a farmyard there are five funky farm animal challenges, plus a further five timed challenges which are really compulsive. Each game opens up new possibilities as well as the chance to improve on your current score and win bronze, silver and gold certificates. This will be a great way to improve on the two, five and ten times tables and develop a really good understanding of multiplication.

With just the finishing touches to go, our Farmyard Multiplication game should be on the site within the next week! So, mums and dads, make sure you know your tables because you can’t let your children get higher scores than you!!

By the way: I got the best score so far on the multiplying money game (Goats)!

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