Addition Games for Year 3

We are excited to be publishing our latest set of addition games and activities for Year 3. We have a whole range of activities, one of my favourites being the fishing game which focuses on what must be added to make the next whole hundred. There is so much to learn in Year 3 that we have created over 30 different activities, in four separate categories, just on addition. Each activity concentrates on one particular skill, so that skill can be practised and practised until it becomes second nature.

The first category is, ‘Know Number Facts’. Here you will find activities to help children practise and know:

  • addition facts to 20
  • pairs of numbers that total 100
  • sums of multiples of 10
  • adding a single digit to a 2-digit number
  • pairs of multiples of 100 that make 1000


The second category is called ‘Addition Strategies’ and includes practising all the most important techniques that children can use to become good at adding in their heads. These techniques include:

  • knowing that addition can be done in any order
  • adding nine
  • adding crossing the tens boundary
  • adding single digits to 10 and 20
  • adding three small numbers.


The third category, ‘Further Addition Strategies’ takes these techniques to the next level, dealing with larger numbers. Children who achieve success with these activities will have a really buy ambien sleep secure knowledge to build on and look to have a bright future with maths. Activities include:

  • adding two digit numbers to multiples of 10
  • finding numbers to make 200
  • adding three numbers to make 50
  • adding pairs of 2-digit numbers without crossing the tens boundary.


Finally, our fourth category, ‘Written methods for Addition’ takes a first look at understanding how and why written addition works. You will not find the standard written method here (that comes next year), rather, there are ideas and techniques which move children towards an understanding of written addition. Jottings, or notes, are encouraged and by the end of the year children will begin to lay out addition sums in a more traditional way. Our activities guide children through these recommended steps and there are ‘Help files’ that can be clicked on to give further explanations.

A few children are lucky enough to pick these skills and techniques up with ease, they have a natural flair and understanding of number. For most children, however, they can remain a mystery, right into adulthood, unless they are shown how to do them and are given plenty of time to practise. Make sure that your children have this opportunity to practise as often as they can.

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