New Year 3 Maths Games

Great news! We have just launched our next set of fantastic maths games and activities for year 3. There are now four new categories, with over 30 separate activities. The important point about these games is that each one focuses on one key mathematical concept, which can be practised time and again, until it becomes second nature. The activities have been organised into the following categories:

Doubling and Halving

Plenty of practice here for doubling , including timed activities on doubling numbers up to 20 and doubling multiples of 5, as well as using doubling to add two consecutive numbers. There are also two halving activities, including a parachute game halving whole tens; one of my favourites.

Understanding Multiplication

Our kangaroos show clearly that multiplication is repeated addition and we also have two excellent activities using arrays to understand the 3x and 5x tables. The visual images of these activities really help children with these important concepts.

In Year 3 children will be beginning to use written methods of multiplication, but not yet the standard method. Schools use methods which follow on from mental methods and our multiplication activities help explain these order ambien methods as well as providing unlimited practice on the computer.

Times Tables

This is the year that tables really begin to be known, starting with knowing the 2x, 5x and 10x tables off by heart and then moving on to the 3x, 4x and 6x tables. What better way to show how well tables are known than to play some of these great games, including tractors leaping over ducks and parachutes landing in airbeds?

Division and Fractions

For those still getting to grips with division, why not try dividing the burgers between 3 plates. Our Language of Division activity shows the different vocabulary that can be used to ask division questions and the division sign is also introduced.

Remainders can cause problems for children but we have four activities for dividing with remainders, including using number grids as an aid and two which use word problems.

Don’t forget to try the fractions pages which reinforce the idea that finding a half is the same as dividing by 2, and finding a quarter is the same as dividing by 4. Finally, don’t miss our ghostly activity on finding one fifth of numbers.


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