Year 4 maths worksheets: More products

This week we have published a new set of worksheets, suitable for Year 4 children, which looks at the product of two numbers. The temptation is to think that the product is got by adding two numbers, but this is incorrect; multiplying gives the product.

This is a nice set of pages as not only is it good practice but it also allows for some logical thinking and organisation. To find all the products using any two out of four numbers needs to be carried out in a systematic way, eg to tackle a question such as:

Using any two numbers, find the products of 3 4 6 and 10

Start with one of the numbers (3) and multiply this by each of the others:

3 x 4;     3 x 6;     3 x 10

then repeat with the next number, remembering that multiplication can be done in any order so 3 x 4 is the same as 4 x 3, so there is only;

4 x 6;     4 x 10

and so on.

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