KS2 Maths SATs revision

KS2 Maths SATs revisionKS2 Maths SATs revision
Key Stage 2 Maths SAT papers are always a popular resource at this time of year. With just a few weeks left until the tests, going through some past papers is a great way to find areas of strength and weakness. It is very good practice for children to have a go at past papers to get used to taking a test, but it can be quite a chore marking and going through the whole paper with your children in one go! This is where our special page by page questions, answers and suggested methods saves the day.

We have split up past papers into single sheets, each with a further page on how the answers can be marked and suggested ways of approaching the questions. Taking one or two questions at a time is much better than trying to do the whole paper in one go, and, with the range of hints and tips included in the suggested methods, it gives parents and children plenty to talk about.

This makes it much easier for a parent to help. If a child gets the answer correct that is great, but it is still well worth talking about how they did it and compare their methods with the suggested methods we have given. If the child gets the answer wrong, then again, talk about it and look at the suggested methods. It might well be a good idea to have a go at some of the URBrainy worksheets on the same subject. Doing one or two questions allows you to spend worthwhile time on each question rather than rushing through the whole paper.

As well as these step by step questions we also have an excellent selection of past papers in full, including answers.

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