Comprehension worksheets on British wildlife

comprehension-worksheets-on-British-wildlifeComprehension worksheets on British wildlife

We are pleased to announce the publication of a brand new collection of comprehension worksheets on British wildlife. Red squirrels, grey squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes and badgers are the fascinating subjects of our first five sets. For each of these lovely animals we have 3 comprehensions; an easy one with limited information, a more detailed comprehension and a harder one with more factual information. These would be ideal for a class of children who cover a range of reading ability levels as well as providing a wealth of interesting facts.

All these animals have several things in common; not least that they are all mammals. Another similarity is the fact that they are all born blind and only develop sight after a few weeks. They are also the subject of many children’s books, being great favourites with children’s authors.

Unfortunately, the red squirrel in particular is an endangered species, having suffered badly since the arrival of the grey squirrel in Victorian times and can now only be found in remote parts of the U.K., especially in Scotland and oddly Brownsea Island off the port of Poole in Dorset. There is some good news as the most recent surveys suggest that the red squirrel is increasing in numbers. Hedgehogs used to be quite common in our gardens, but there are far fewer of them today and they are considered an endangered species. There are two things in particular that humans do that have a bad effect on hedgehogs. One is to put slug pellets on the garden. The second is to try and feed them with milk, as they are lactose intolerant.

British Wildlife Factual Writing

As well as comprehensions on the five mammals above we have also just published a set of facts and information for each animal. The aim is to give easy access to a limited amount of interesting information which can be used as the basis of factual writing. The information is set out in blocks, each of which could be used to support a paragraph resulting in a well-structured piece of factual writing. These are particularly suitable for children who might find the plethora of information in books or on the internet rather daunting.

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