Year 4 subtraction using squared paper

Year 4 subtraction using squared paperYear 4 subtraction using squared paper

Our recently published year 4 addition using squared paper have proved to be one of our most popular resources so we have now produced a new set of subtraction worksheets using the same format.

It is important that children are already confident with the written subtraction process before trying these questions. It must be pointed out that these problems will be hard for many children and there are several points where they can slip up, including:

Firstly, there is the problem with setting the numbers out. Although the smaller number often appears first in writing it is always the larger number which needs to be written down first when using columns for subtraction.

Secondly, knowing when to ‘borrow’
2468 – 1359

8 take away 9 does not leave 1; a ten has to be borrowed from the tens column.

Thirdly, numbers with zeros in can often cause problems; watch out for this common mistake.
2460 -1466

Zero take away 6 is not 6, as some children might think.

Watch out for these common mistakes.

The first set of worksheets looks at subtracting 4-digit numbers. The second set concentrates on zeros in the larger number and the third set looks at subtracting money, including using the decimal point.

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