Arrays in Year 1

arraysArrays in Year 1

The new primary maths curriculum does not have a great deal to say about multiplication in Year 1, apart from that pupils should understand multiplication by grouping small quantities, and calculating using arrays with the support of the teacher. This used to be part of the Year 2 curriculum but has been taken down to Year 1.
A key part of this is that multiplication needs to be understood as repeated addition e.g. 5 added together 3 times is 5 + 5 + 5 or 3 lots of 5 or 3 times 5 or 3 x 5 (or 5 x 3).

One way to show this pictorially is with an array, e.g. 3 rows of 5 or 5 rows of 3, and this helps with understanding that multiplication can be done in any order.
We have just added a new set of colourful worksheets on arrays to our multiplication resources, all of which can be found at:

Year 1 Multiplication

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