Fun: football anagrams

anagramsFun: football anagrams

The summer holidays are here – time to relax and enjoy the long summer days! But it is also a good idea to keep the brains working with a little gentle mental exercise that doesn’t seem too much like hard work. This is where our English and Maths fun pages come into their  own, and we have just published some brand new material which is completely free of charge.

A good knowledge of European countries and English football teams is needed for our latest set of free, fun English worksheets. We start with anagrams of European countries, with flags to give a little help. These are relatively simple compared to the next page of anagrams of northern English football teams. Whilst it might not be too difficult to work out SYNTHETIC CREAM, as we are giving the first letter of the team (M), others might prove really challenging, such as HIS ODD GRUMBLE and WET DENSE LUNATIC. Good luck with these and the following pages on Midland and Southern football teams. Luckily we provide the answers!

The next set of pages continues with the football and countries themes. Here the names are given but all the consonants are missing. This is harder than it might appear. The first page looks at football teams, the second at South American and African countries and the third, English counties.

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