Year 6 maths games with a calculator

Calculator gamesYear 6 maths games with a calculator

Getting children to use a calculator efficiently and accurately has been more or less dismissed by the latest curriculum, but we believe that it is vitally important that children know how and when to use a calculator rather than mental or written methods. Checking answers is one such. We have just published six maths games where a calculator can be used to help find the correct answers, but more is needed from the child in order to be successful. One of the activities is to find ambien online best price three consecutive numbers that make a total.

e.g. find three consecutive numbers which add up to 2253.

This could be done successfully using ‘trial and improvement’ methods but it can also be done by dividing the number by three which would give the middle number of three consecutive numbers! In this case 2253 ÷ 3 = 751, so the three consecutive numbers are 750, 751 and 752. Easy!

These are great to play on a rainy summer’s day!

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