Year 4 weekly programme – autumn 2

weekly programmeYear 4 weekly programme – autumn 2

We are pleased to announce that the next 6 sets of worksheets for our Year 4 Weekly Programme have just been published. Ideal for those of you with little time to spare, they provide a good selection of worksheets following the National Curriculum and are ideal as a backup to the school curriculum.

This half term consolidates what was learnt in the first half term as well as moving on to new work, especially with multiplication.

Week 7 looks at comparing and ordering larger numbers, rounding to the nearest 10 and learning the 9x table.

Week 8 moves on to rounding decimals to the nearest whole one, ordering decimals and further work on the 7x and 9x tables as well as some tricky doubling and halving.

In Week 9 formal written ambien online us addition and subtraction are revised and we take a quick look at interpreting pictograms and graphs.

Week 10 provides plenty of work on formal written methods of addition and subtraction, a vital part of Year 4 work. There are also pages on finding fractions of units of measurement and converting measurements.

Week 11 makes good use of the 7x table and 9x table with some formal written multiplication. If those times tables have not been learnt then these pages will take quite some time to complete!

Finally, in Week 12 we take a look at time, using am and pm as well as the 24 hour clock. Once again we revisit the 7x and 9x tables and complete the term with some changer from £5 and £10.

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