Free Christmas worksheets

christmas_worksheetsFree Christmas worksheets

After all these tricky fractions and decimal pages why not take a more relaxed look at our free Christmas worksheets? There are plenty of them and are ideal for fitting around time spent rehearsing Christmas carols, nativity plays etc.

Our English resources include two crosswords, one with picture clues and one with words: but the answers are almost identical. ‘Muddled Letters’ to make Christmas words are always harder than they look, but there are plenty of illustrations to draw.  Best of all we have a whole series of pages to see what words can be made from the words ‘CHRISTMAS TREE’. It’s surprising just how many there are, but there are clues to help you along the way, which in some ways makes it even harder.

These can all be found free of charge in our English: Further Resources: Special Occasions category.

Christmas Maths: For the youngest children we have some fun ‘counting stockings and hats’, together with halving small numbers with Christmas illustrations.

Christmas is usually an expensive time of year and this is reflected in our special Christmas shopping pages. They range in difficulty from counting in steps of 10 pence when buying tree decorations to finding change from £2 or from £10 after buying a selection of Christmas goodies.

If you prefer some investigation challenges, then why not try our Christmas Tree Stars, Christmas Tree Addition or Snowflake number pages.

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