More great number worksheets for Year 2

larger or smallerMore great number worksheets for Year 2.

We have just published two sets of worksheets which fill a couple of small gaps in the Year 2 Number category. The first looks at reading and writing 2-digit numbers. Writing 2-digit numbers in words can be quite tricky, especially numbers in the forties, which of course has a missing ā€˜uā€™.

There is a great deal of progress to be made in Year 2 and some children will still be coming to terms with counting up to 100. We have a vast collection of worksheets to help with this, including the second of our new sets which is all about creating numbers larger than, smaller than or in between buying ambien online reviews other 2-digit numbers.

Of course there are other great ways to help with understanding numbers and I would recommend our year 2 maths games. Ranging from adding two very small whole numbers to simple division they are a great way to reinforce concepts and knowledge.

As well as worksheets and games much of the best work in maths can be done orally and practically, asking questions and making challenges such as:

Which tens number comes after 60?
Can you count these 35 things by grouping them in tens?
Can you make a tally while I clap/tap/jump etc?
Start at 20 and count out loud in twos.
Starting at 70 count back in tens.

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