Year 3: understanding 3-digit numbers

3217b_more 3-digit numbersYear 3: understanding 3-digit numbers

Using number cards is a great way to help children understand place value and we have just published a set of worksheets for Year 3 which require children to write down all the possible 3-digit numbers that can be made using three different number cards.

For example: what 3-digit numbers can be made from 5, 6 and 7? By moving the cards round children should be able to make 6 different numbers:

765     756    675     657     576     567

They are then asked to write down the smallest and largest of these numbers. This can be repeated almost endlessly with a set of digit cards from 0 to 9 selecting any three of the cards. Ordinary playing cards are excellent for this but if they are not handy we have number cards available on the site in Further Resources: Number Lines etc.

A further extension of this activity can be found in our latest publication of ‘More ordering 3-digit numbers’.

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