Year 4 Weekly Programme

y4_week 32Year  4 Weekly Programme

The last half term’s weekly programme for Year 4 is here!  Week 31 takes another look at the 12x table to divide, solving multi-step problems, using the formal written method of subtraction, reading scales and mental arithmetic.

Extending number sequences, written addition, division, co-ordinates and Roman numerals are all part of week 32.

In week 33 we look at decimal fractions, understanding products, the 24 hour clock, formal written methods of calculating and mental arithmetic.

In week 34 we are aiming to add fractions, use the formal written method of multiplication, find the perimeter of simple shapes, solve problems involving time and subtract.

Answering time problems, subtracting fractions, reading below zero temperatures and solving measurement problems are all part of week 35’s programme.

Our final week concludes with work on time, division, multiplication, subtraction and area, as well as the usual mental arithmetic.

Year 4 weekly programme