year 3 free assessment paper

year 3 free assessment paperCheck your child’s progress with our year 3 free assessment paper

Would you like to know exactly how well your child is doing in maths? End of term reports can be helpful but they tend not to give a detailed picture of a child’s progress. In maths many children find some aspects hard and others quite straightforward, but it is difficult to know if they are making the right kind of progress and in what areas they might they need a little help.

The National Curriculum lays down specific objectives for each year group and the knowledge and skills that should be gained by the end of the year and it is these objectives that are most helpful in seeing how well your child is doing. What parents need is a way of checking their child’s performance against these objectives and that is exactly what we have provided with our latest Assessment for Year 3.

Our Year 1 and Year 2 Assessments have proved to be very popular and we have now completed another superb assessment pack for Year 3. This is completely free of charge. It gives a clear insight into whether a child meets the expectations of Year 3.

The Paper is divided into sections covering:
•    Number and Place Value
•    Addition
•    Subtraction
•    Multiplication
•    Division
•    Fractions
•    Money
•    Measurement, including Time
•    Shape
•    Statistics

Please note that, just like our other assessments, this is not intended to be used as a set of written questions where the child sits down for a set period of time and writes answers on paper in silence. There are over 60 questions and they should be presented over several days and there is no reason why they cannot be read out loud. Indeed, encouraging discussion of the questions and listening to answers and explanations will give a much greater insight into the child’s understanding.

The most important information that you can glean from this assessment is which parts of the curriculum your child is doing well in and which parts they may need more help with. What is even more helpful is that the answer pages give suggestions of where to go for more practice.

This Assessment Paper with answers is free for all to use.

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