New worksheets for Year 1

numbergrid_to_40New worksheets for Year 1

We are constantly looking to improve our selection of worksheets in year 1, even though we already have over 2000 pages. This week we have added three more terrific sets of pages on counting and reading and writing numbers.

Our completing number grids are very popular so we have now included a grid of numbers up to 40.  As we already have work on grids up to 30 and up to 50, this fills a small gap.
Units, rods and cubes have been used in schools for many years to help with counting, place value, addition, subtraction and much more. We have just published a set of worksheets on counting in tens and units and recommend buy ambien online doctor that if possible, using Dienes blocks or similar to make real life copies of the numbers shown on paper.

Finally, we have many addition and subtraction pages using numbers, but none using words alone. This has now been rectified with a set of questions written in words that also asks for the answers to be written in words. I’m not sure why we haven’t done this before, but here they are and we hope to add some more in the not too distant future, using larger numbers.

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Year 1 Counting

Year 1 Reading and writing numbers

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