Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme

Year 5 weekly maths programmeNew: Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme

Recently we have had more enquiries about the possibility of a Year 5 weekly programme than any other topic, so, here we are, the first six weeks of a weekly programme for Year 5.
For those who are short of time to browse the full range of worksheets, or are uncertain where to begin, this programme makes selecting the maths for the week so much easier and in the knowledge that all aspects of maths will be covered during the year. The aim is to provide a short sequence of backup materials to use at home, without being too lengthy and becoming a chore! There will be 36 weeks in total, split into half term units of six weeks and each week includes a set of mental arithmetic questions. Of course, at any time you can dip into other resources as necessary.

Week 1 is a nice warm up for the term, concentrating on revising reading and writing numbers, place value and number sequences. Rounding, multiplying and dividing are also included.

Week 2 continues with place value and partitioning as well as approximating on a number line and reading and writing decimals. There are also pages on multiplication and solving problems using estimation.

Week 3 looks at mental and written addition and subtraction as well as rounding and estimating.

Week 4 concentrates on mental multiplication and division, ordering decimals and using doubling and halving to work out answers. Recognising acute and obtuse angles is also included.
There is a wide range of topics in week 5, covering subtraction, multiplication, shape and angle as well as converting between metric units of measurement.

Finally, in week 6 both mental addition and subtraction are covered as well as quick division questions, written methods of division and ordering measurements.

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