Year 1 reasoning in mathematics

year 1 reasoning in mathematicsYear 1 reasoning in mathematics

Children who have an excellent understanding of number in the early years have a far better chance of becoming excellent mathematicians than those who don’t. Therefore, it is well worthwhile spending a lot of time on mastering key topics at this age, building confidence and a solid understanding. Future mathematical learning depends on secure foundations which will then not have to be re-taught in later years.

Our very latest sets of worksheets to help with reasoning and problem solving with number in year 1 are now available. These ambien online united states pages are not intended to be given to children for them to sit alone and work through, but should provide the opportunity for discussion, not only about the right answers but why they are the right answers. It is the ‘why’ which is crucial in achieving mastery in mathematics and should not be ignored.

The topics are:
•    Counting to ten forwards and backwards
•    More or less
•    Continuing the pattern
•    Missing symbols

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