Year 5 Statistics

Year  5 Statistics

5707-holiday-statisticsThe new Programme of Study for Year 5 Statistics (once known as Data Handling)  is very brief as shown below:


Pupils should be taught to:

solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph

complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables.

We have just updated our Year 5 Statistics resources with a clearer layout, better fonts etc but the best news is that we have also added two more sets of pages, one on tables and charts and one on interpreting line graphs.

Interpreting tables and charts can prove very tricky for children and they ambien online no prescription need plenty of practice. There are many ‘real-life’ resources available, such as bus timetables and train times, especially online. Some of my favourite types of table are the distance charts found at the back of atlases, where the distances from various towns and cities are given. We have replicated some of these types of chart, but in a simpler form.

The second set of pages on line graphs takes a look at the type of problems which crop up in the Year 6 SAT papers, reading data and solving simple problems from the graphs.

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