Year 5 Weekly Programme updates

y5_week-12Year 5 Weekly Programme updates

The next six weeks of our Year 5 Weekly Programme are now online and ready to use, taking us right through to Christmas.

Week 7 takes a look at three types of number: multiples, prime numbers and square numbers, as well as plenty of mental multiplication and division. Solving single step problems and interpreting a simple graph are also included.

Short division, factors, equivalent fractions and graphs are the main topics for Week 8, together with some problem solving and explaining answers. It is always a good idea to discuss how children reach their answers – it can be quite surprising!

There is more on equivalent fractions and decimals for Week 9. This reflects the new programme of study and SAT papers in Year 6 where there are now a large number of fraction questions.
In Week 10 we concentrate on multiplication, including multiplying by 12 mentally, multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2, 5 and 10 and using written methods to multiply 4-digit numbers. We also take a look at measurement, finding perimeters and finish the week’s programme with some work on Roman numerals.

Time provides the main focus in Week 11, including solving problems and the 24 hour clock. We also continue with multiplication and division.
With Christmas just around the corner our last collection includes mental methods of calculating, simplifying fractions and angle.

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