Using number lines in Year 2

number_lines_2Using number lines in Year 2

Spending time on mastering key ideas is something which many schools have been weak at. Because the scheme of work has to be completed in a set time, the tendency has been to teach something and quickly move on to the next thing. The result has been that children are moving on to harder concepts without ever having fully grasped the earlier work. Ultimately this results in the earlier work having to be repeated or children becoming completely lost. Counting and number is one of those fundamental areas which is essential to master.
We have just published new sets of worksheets which look at placing numbers on a number line. The hard part of this is that the number lines are blank apart from the starting number and the finishing number. The numbers span anything from 0 to 100, 60 to 80 or 30 to 40. Success with this will show that children have a good sense of number and understanding of counting up to 100.

All answers will be approximate and a certain amount of leeway must be allowed; about 0.5 cm either side.

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