Year 5 Weekly Programme

y5_week-15Year 5 Weekly Programme

We are continuing with our weekly programme for Year 5 with the next half term’s resources having just been published. Six weeks of mixed activities, covering a wide range of maths, although calculating is the main priority.

Week 13 starts by looking at really large numbers with reading and writing numbers in the millions. This is certainly tricky stuff and plenty of practice is needed. Negative numbers are also included as well as more on rounding numbers and factors. To complete the week we have a great page on Roman numerals.

Week 14 starts by looking at mental and written addition; adding 3 or 4 small numbers mentally, using the knowledge that subtraction is the inverse of addition and using the formal written method of addition. Other pages include subtraction crossing the hundreds boundary, solving multi-step problems and measurement problems.

Factors feature heavily in Week 15, as well as plenty of mental multiplication and division, finishing with long multiplication and division.

In Week 16 we change the focus to estimating and measuring length and mass before going on to some more number work; multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. We end with some tricky word problems.

Understanding equivalent fractions is very important in Year 5 and we start Week 17 with two pages on this before moving on to writing large numbers in figures and words, 3D shape, co-ordinates and reflections. The week concludes with some tricky ordering of decimals.

Football and The Planets provide the focus for more large number work in Week 18. More on equivalent fractions and converting fractions to decimals before finishing the half term with some angle work.

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