Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme

The next 6 weeks of the Year 5 Weekly Programme has been eagerly anticipated by those who are looking for a short package of material covering all the major topics for maths in Year 5, and now it is here!

Week 19 takes a hard look at mental arithmetic and the skills needed to ensure fast mental and written calculations, including multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000, mentally adding three small numbers and dividing mentally.

Week 20 still has plenty of mental work but also takes a look at Geometry, including perimeter, parallel lines and making shapes from nets.

Fractions is the theme for Week 21, with buy ambien fast equivalent fractions, decimal fractions, mixed numbers and multiplying with decimals just some of the subjects covered.

This is continued into Weeks 22 and 23, with more work on adding and subtracting fractions as well as converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Money and finding the area of rectangles are also included.

Week 24 has a wide range of topics, including rounding, tests of divisibility, time and addition.

There is a considerable amount of work covered in each week, as well as the mental arithmetic questions and with the constraints of time you may well have to carefully pick and choose from these resources.

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