KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper

KS2 Calculation Practice for the Reasoning Paper

Whilst there is now a whole paper devoted to arithmetic in the KS2 tests, there are still plenty of calculation questions in the Reasoning Papers. Today we have published a range of worksheets which give plenty of practice at some of the easier style questions on this Reasoning Paper. We begin with missing digits, a favourite with the test writers: written calculations but rather than just having to work out the answer various digits are missing from the calculation. There are four sets of these using addition, which look at adding two 2-digit numbers, adding two 3-digit numbers and adding two 4-digit numbers. Also there is a much trickier set on long multiplication with missing digits. They are not quite as easy as they look and children will need a good understanding of the formal written method to get them correct. A key point here is to encourage them to check their answer to see that it is correct once they have written in all the missing digits.

We have also published a set of pages on simpler 2-step word problems. On the whole children find it easier to solve word problems which involve just one step, but these seldom come up on the test papers.

Questions such as:
A pack of paper has 500 sheets.
4 children each take 9 sheets.
How many sheets are left in the pack?

This involves multiplication (4 x 9 or repeated addition) followed by subtraction, although I have seen children start with the 500 and subtract 9, then subtract another 9 and so on, just using their skill at counting down. This is where the ‘Show your method’ becomes so important as you can see exactly how children are thinking. Full marks can only be given with this working out shown.

Also new are sets of questions on multiples, prime and square numbers, all displayed in a similar way to the SAT questions, making perfect revision exercises.

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