KS1 SAT Arithmetic

KS1 SAT Arithmetic

Undoubtedly the major new resource this week is the fantastic collection of  resources to help children with the KS1 Arithmetic Paper. With 21 new sets of pages containing over 80 worksheets, just on aspects of Arithmetic, this must make our KS1 test resources for the Arithmetic Paper some of the very best to be found anywhere. Each set of pages has questions of the same type and level of difficulty as found on the tests themselves and are all laid out in the same way. Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.
If you have a child in year 2 and want to provide some extra support then this will really fit the bill.

The good news is that we are working hard to complete a further collection of resources on the Reasoning Paper which should be out in about a month’s time.

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