KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals

KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals

Our aim to have full coverage of every aspect of the Maths KS2 SAT Papers edges ever nearer with a new collection of worksheets on fractions and decimals. A great emphasis was put on fractions in the new Programme of Study in 2014 and this has been reflected in the number of fraction and decimal questions found on the test papers.

The new resources concentrate on several types of question which the question writers particularly favour, including:

a. ordering fractions with denominators that are multiples of the same number (e.g. put five sixths, two ninths and one third in order)
b. ordering decimals with up to three decimal places (e.g. put 0.65, 0.609, 5.8, 0.097 and 4.007 in order)
c. finding half way between two numbers (e.g. what number is half way between 1.4 and 2.3?)
d. finding decimals that total 1 (e.g. two decimal numbers that add together to equal 1. One of the numbers is 0.013. What is the other can you buy ambien online number?)
e. Adding two decimals (e.g. circle two numbers that add together to equal 0.25:  0.24    0.05   0.2    0.21
f. solving money problems involving fractions (e.g. Lara had some money. She spent £1.75 on a drink. She spent £2.15 on a sandwich. She had three quarters of her money left. How much money did Lara have to start with?)
g. word problems involving multiplying decimals (Yasmin thinks of a number. She says, “If I multiply this number by 7, the answer is 0.14.” What is Yasmin’s number?

Plenty here for anyone looking for KS2 SAT revision material and all the pages are laid out in the format of the test papers, so that children can take the test confidently and be familiar with the layout as well as the type of question.

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