Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates

The year seems to be flying past and we are already into the summer term and our next collection of worksheets for the year 5 weekly programme are now available.
Week 25 starts by looking at ordering large numbers and rounding to the nearest 10000 and 100000. The rest of the week has a great mixture of number sequences, fractions, money problems, graphs and tables to keep your children really on their toes.

Week 26 has work on understanding place value with large numbers and the tricky skill of converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Measurement forms a major part of the week, including word problems, area and the 24 hour clock.

We continue with fractions in week 27 as well as some more work on negative numbers. There are also pages on short division, square numbers and perimeter of regular polygons. Calculating is not forgotten as we also include subtracting 5-digit numbers.

Four rules play a major part of week 28 with dividing 4-digit numbers, multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digits and subtracting large numbers. There are also pages on adding fractions and interpreting line graphs.

Week 28 continues with a real mixture of maths, from adding fractions to line graphs and work with money. The four rules are not forgotten either with plenty on division, multiplication and subtraction.

In week 29 we include work on the perimeter of regular polygons and axes of symmetry. We also take a look at multiplying fractions by whole numbers as well as plenty of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Finally, in week 30 percentages are introduced together with some tricky pages on solving train timetable problems. Negative numbers and estimating angle provide a change to keep the interest going right to the end of the half term.

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