KS2 Maths SAT Booster: ratio

KS2 SATs: ratioKS2 Maths SAT Booster: ratio

We continue to add to our superb collection of ‘booster’ worksheets to help children gain the best possible results in the KS2 maths tests. A favourite type of question in the last couple of reasoning papers has concerned ratio. One example might be:

James was selling vanilla and chocolate ice creams.
For every 7 ice creams sold, 3 of them were chocolate ice creams.
Altogether 9 chocolate ice creams were sold.
How many ice creams did James sell altogether?

If children have not come across this style of question before it could take up valuable time in the test thinking about how to solve it. With a little practice they become straightforward. Practice makes perfect is certainly true in this case!

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