Making fractions easy in Year 2

Fractions in year 2Making fractions easy in Year 2

Fractions can cause difficulties when children reach upper primary school, so it is vital that they get off to a good start, especially in Year 2 (6-7 years old). Plenty of practical work should be done using shapes and objects so that children understand what finding a half or a quarter of a quantity means.

Thirds are introduced in Year 2 now. This enables children to work with fractions other than halves and quarters at an earlier age. (Some children do so much work with halves that they think all fractions can be worked out by dividing by two!)

Three quarters is also introduced; this is the first time children come across a non-unit fraction (where the top number is more than one).

We have a great selection of fraction worksheets, including 4 new sets on halves and quarters, which will really encourage and help children master these concepts.

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