More on hyphens

More on hyphensMore on hyphens

Since publishing our first sets of worksheets on hyphens we have had several requests for even more, and here they are! Our latest sets look at hyphens as suffixes and as prefixes. Often these are used to stop confusion in meaning, but there are some other instances of when they should be used.

Hyphens are often used to join prefixes to words, particularly if the prefix ends with a vowel and the word starts with one (e.g. re-enact). Words using the prefixes ‘all’, ‘self’ and ‘ex’ are also usually hyphenated (e.g. self-sufficient).

The suffixes ‘elect’ and ‘free’ are usually hyphenated, although this can change over time. They are also often used when the word ends with the same letter that the prefix begins (e.g. shell-like).

There is plenty here for children in Year 6 to work on, all done in a fun and informative way and form just a part of our extensive Punctuation Middle/Upper category.

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