Time Questions in the SAT Papers

Time Questions in the SAT Papers

The SAT tests can be a worrying time for children and parents, but with our superb collection of revision materials there is every opportunity to do really well, and remember, the test has many questions from the year 4 and 5 programmes of study. Our latest pages look at a favourite type of question; converting periods of time. Questions on this occur in most test papers and are quite easy if children know the:

number of months in a year
number of days in a week
number of hours in a day
number of minutes in an hour
number of seconds in a minute.

With this knowledge they should find it straightforward to answer such questions as:

48 months = …. years
56 days = …. weeks
480 seconds = …… minutes
and so on.

With over 500 pages of SAT style questions our Booster category is the perfect place to go to help improve scores in the KS2 SATs.

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