English grammar: Pronouns

English grammar: Pronouns

Our writing would be terribly tedious without the help of pronouns. When a noun has been used once it can then be replaced by a pronoun, saving endless repetition.

e.g. John ate some crisps. Then he drank a can of cola. The pronoun (he) stops us having to keep repeating the name John.

We have just published a lovely set of pages introducing and explaining the use of pronouns, which are now part of the KS2 Programme of Study.

We have also published an excellent explanation on when to use the personal pronouns, I and me. The easiest way to use the correct word is to remove the second person and see what the sentence now looks like.

e.g. Dad didn’t see Olivia and …… waiting at the bus stop.

Remove the ‘Olivia and’ and you are left with:
Dad didn’t see ….. waiting at the bus stop.

The missing word is me.

Using I in this type of case is a common error.

Take a look at our pronoun resources and all the other great grammar pages on the site.

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