Fun maths board games

Fun maths board games

Fun holiday activities with a mathematical twist

Here are some great ideas for the holidays.

Matchstick puzzles

Are you ready to challenge your logical thinking by moving the matchsticks to solve the puzzles? Logic may get you to the answers, but sometimes that will not be enough and a little bit of lateral thinking will also be needed.

This is a category which can be found in our ‘Further Resources’ section along with lots more fun activities, especially:

Mathematical Board Games

To keep children on the ball with their mathematical thinking we have a great selection of activities which involve a combination of mathematical knowledge and logical thinking. My favourite is ‘Diving Board’ which can be played by two or three players. Taking it in turns, the idea is to move the counters off the diving boards and the player who moves the last diver is the winner. There is more to this than it might seem and experienced players can usually win!
Other great games include an old favourite, ‘Hex’ as well as ‘Make 42’ and ‘4 in a row’.
If you haven’t had a look before I can thoroughly recommend them.

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