Year 1 maths number and place value games

Year 1 Number and place value gamesFantastic news: we are delighted to announce the publication of our latest maths games written to complement the Year 1 Number and Place Value Programme of Study.

Ideal for use with the ipad they also work just as well on PCs, providing clear, fun and precise challenges for children. Each game has the option to print the answers recorded, making them an excellent assessment tool for quickly identifying children who have misconceptions or have grasped the concepts and need to move on.

If you are a parent with a child in Year 1 these games are an invaluable reinforcement of key concepts and can be used for just a few minutes in the evening.

All the games are just as valuable for those children who are following the Maths Mastery block planning programmes.

Year 1 Maths Number and Place Value Games:
Each game concentrates on one precise skill or concept. There are 5 questions to answer, followed by a printable answer sheet.
Game 1: Counting to 10
Counting single objects up to 10.

Game 2: Counting two types of object up to 10
Count two objects with totals up to 10.

Game 3: Estimating on a number line
Estimating numbers on a 0 to 10 number line.

Game 4: Completing the number track
Fill in the missing number on the number track: counting in ones.

Game 5: 1 more than
Finding 1 more than using single digit numbers.

Game 6: 1 less than
Finding 1 less than numbers up to 10.

Game 7: Using <, > and = signs
Using the <, > and = symbols to compare two numbers

Game 8: Part-whole models
Find the missing numbers in the part-whole models.

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